My new website.

Hi everyone.
I've started a new website on Cargocollective.
There are some of my works and demoreel. I'm gonna update there when any new stuff coming up.
Please check here http://cargocollective.com/yukis


"dropship landing scene" - a new VFX work

this shot is from my VFX project. but there is no main part of the film.
I made just only one shot.

I used Nuke, maya, and renderman for maya.

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Ground is collapsing

Here is a test footage using SOuP plug-in.
I'd like to make vfx of the action scene using this collapsing.



VFX test01

Hi there. long time no see.
I shot some footages for VFX test recently.
Here is a one of them.
A bunny wasn't rendered with any HDRI or lightproves.
I used the area light and some point lights. It's so simple :)
Rendered in mentalray, and compositing was done with Shake.

Next, I'm gonna make a test footage that used HDRI, Lightproves.
See ya.



"MAYHEM" - personal VFX short film

Hi everyone!

A new vfx project "MAYHEM" has been available on youtube.
I was inspired this movie from the War Of The Worlds that was directed by steven spielberg.
I do love his great camera work.
I hope you like it.

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Here is a turntable of LookDev(lighting and texturing).
It was rendered with IBL in RfM.
I use the OpenEXR(16half) format in this project. Because, it can adjust the luminance of the render images after having rendered it.
I think It is very important in visual effects.

anyway,please look forward to the movie!!

New image from the creature project.

Hi all.
This is a new image of my work in progress.
It has been sculpted with ZBrush.
Now, it is rendering in Renderman for maya.
coming soon!!!